Restorative Dentistry

Restorative dentistry involves the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of a wide variety of conditions, disorders and diseases affecting the teeth, gums and maxillofacial (associated with the jaw and face) region of the body. It incorporates teeth cleaning, teeth sealants, teeth denervation, teeth extraction as well as prosthodontic services, in case of missing or deficient teeth. In Dentistar clinic we believe in preventive dentistry, offering all the above services in order for you to enjoy exceptional dental health.

Dental Fillings

Dental filling is a restorative material used to restore the function, integrity and morphology of missing tooth structure. The structural loss typically results from caries or external trauma. A dental filling can be either from composite or amalgam.

Composite Filling

Composite resin filling, commonly known as ‘white filling’, is a tooth-colored plastic and glass mixture used to restore decayed teeth or replace silver fillings. White fillings are very resilient with highly aesthetic qualities, and they are used to restore silver, gold or plastic fillings, as well as teeth damaged by decay or small fractures. The majority of patients prefer white fillings today, as they blend in with the surrounding teeth and look more natural. Other than that, they are long-lasting, easily restored in case of a small crack, they are biocompatible and they don’t cause any kinds of malfunctions.

Amalgam Filling

Amalgam filling is a combination of metals that has been the most popular and effective filling material used in dentistry for the last 150 years. Tooth colored materials now can be used to restore teeth. Therefore, amalgam is used less often than in the past. However, the newer materials can't be used for all situations. Amalgam is less costly than other materials and also holds up better over time, especially in teeth that undergo a lot of pressure and wear from chewing.

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